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You have reached the new Washington Gas service application portal. Please use this on-line application to request a new natural gas service for one residential structure only (a single family home or townhome).

Whether you are building a new home or renovating and converting your existing home to natural gas, we want you to know that we are here to help. Before your project can begin we need critical information from you. To complete the application process, you will be asked a series of questions to help us understand your project and its unique needs and requirements.

Please answer each question and upload a copy of your property plat or site plan showing the requested meter location prior to submitting the application. If we do not receive all requested information, we will be unable to move your project forward.

Meter Location Guidelines:

  • All residential gas meters must be located outside at least one (1) foot from operational windows and doors and any sources of ignition (e.g. air conditioning compressor, generator, etc.)
  • Meters and regulators should be installed away from roads, driveways and parking areas. In places where it is not practical/possible to install meters away from such hazards, protective guards (bollards) must be installed to protect the meter from any potential forces.

If you do not have all the required information available at this time, you will be able to save the partially completed application and return to it at a later date once you have obtained all the necessary information. You will receive an automated e-mail from our system providing you the link and Application ID number to use when accessing the link in the future. For easy access, please bookmark or save this link.

Please Note: All incomplete entries will be deleted from our system after 60 days and you will be required to complete an entirely new application.

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Equipment validation

You have entered a BTUH input rating for this equipment that falls outside of the expected range of this equipment type. Please refer to the equipment manufacturer’s specifications or contact your installation contractor for guidance.

Please note the BTUH entry should be entered as per unit. This application will perform the multiplication necessary if you are installing multiple units of the same equipment type.

For your reference, below are the typical BTUH input ranges by equipment:

High Efficiency Furnace75,000100,000
High Efficiency Boiler80,000160,000
Standard Water Heater32,000180,000
Tankless Water Heater100,000200,000
Clothes Dryer15,00025,000
Gas Fireplace/Insert15,000150,000
Unit Heater30,000200,000
Pool Heater150,000500,000
Gas Grill20,00080,000
Outdoor Patio Heater5,00034,000
Outdoor Gas Lantern/Light2,80017,600